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This is where the magic happens! A 32.300 sq. ft. factory with cutting-edge machinery inaugurated in 2016 with the capacity to produce 1,500,000 sq. ft./year of real stones. It’s located near important quarries, international airports and ports, which makes a visit not only easy but recommendable!


This italian state of the art machine uses diamond wires to cut a granite block in under 6 hours! Its water-based technology depends on a massive amount of water, which is 100% recycled and reused, making it an environmentally friendly factory.


After being cut, the slabs are treated with resin to fix any imperfections such as porosity, cracks and micro-fissures that occur in all natural stones. The resined slab then goes to the catalysis oven to harden the resin, allowing the slab to be polished. A reinforcement net can also be applied with resin on the back side of the slab, in case of brittle materials. In addition to the added strength of the stone, resined slabs may not need to be sealed as often or perhaps not at all.


Last but not least, the polishing. This other italian state of the art machine uses a patented system for a perfect polishing on industrial scale. It also features a scanner for slabs used for the creation of digital high-definition photos and for the detection of dimensional data that are used on our online inventory software.